Dolcetto d’Alba DOC 2015 – Negretti

This is a red wine with very long-standing traditions. It is made from dolcetto grapes grown on the hills of La Morra using the classic Guyot vine-training system.

This wine is a representative of grapes from our vineyards in La Morra, and it is a portrait of simplicity, a mark of the territory. Is the wine of the Langa’s people, made to be as fresh and clean as possible. Some of these vineyards are old, while most have been replanted using small cluster clones grafted onto moderately vigorous stock.

The grapes are harvested in middle of September, and are taken to the winery where they are de-stemmed and crushed. The must ferments on the skins for 5-7 days at a controlled temperature, before being drawn off. The wine ages 8-10
months in steel tanks before the bottling.

The bottles are stored lying down away from sources of light and changes in the temperature, which could affect the wine’s structure.

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