Italy Wine Tour – Pouring Falanghina from the barrel !

Italy, March 2017

Meet our supplier, Mr. Tommaso Babbo of Cantine Babbo. It’s always a pleasure to speak with him and today our conversation was about his wonderful Falanghina.

Falanghina is a very unique Italian wine because it comes from the volcanic area of Campi Flegrei , or “flaming fields” and grows close to the sea, Mar Tirreno. It’s very easy to pair, you can drink Falanghina as an aperitif or pair it with fish, shellfish, salad, young cheese, salad and pasta with pesto or light tomato sauces. Must be served at 46F.

Marco Marotta and Tommaso Babbo
Marco Marotta and Tommaso Babbo

Mr. Tommaso Babbo is introducing his new Sintema – Falanghina DOC. It’s stored in barrels until it will be ready to be bottled for the year 2016.

His Sintema is 100% made with Falanghina grape that he grows on his land with a biodynamic technique, a land rich of minerals that exposes the grape to the iodine coming from the sea.

Mr. Tommaso Babbo is very happy with the new vintage and is confident that his new wine will be a success.

While we were in his cellar, we approached the barrels where the wineis resting now and he opened the tap to delight us with the scent of the new Falanghina. It was so pleasant and as he poured some wine for us a bouquet of intense aromas filled the room. We drank and enjoyed a flavor of berries that left a delectable taste on the palate.


Salvatore Marotta
Salvatore Marotta


Inevitable as always, my father, Don Salvatore Marotta, was present at the tasting and expressed a great appeciation of Falanghina, Cantine Babbo. His innate excitement, enthusiasm, and passion about wine is contagious.

His expertise has always guided me greatly in the selection of quality wines which are currently experiencing a great success in Florida. I’m sure that this time, his unerring intuition will not fail!

Cantine Babbo


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