Agricola Piombaia

The history of Piombaia started with the union of two families: Rossi and Cantini.

The Rossi family came from the Montalcinoarea. In the first half of the 20th century Mario and his wife Carolina, farmers by trade, ran a part of the Pecci farm. The Pecci were an old noble family from this area, to which Carolina belonged. This is how the business began;it then became enriched by the involvement of the Cantini family.

Vittorio Cantini
Born in Peccioli (Pisa), Vittorio Cantini, worked for the first half of the century as a farmer in another estate in Montalcino, married Linda, Mario and Carolina’s daughter.

The union of the two allowed them to buy more land and properties, among which was the Piombaia estate,giving greater economical strength to the two families.

Piombaia went on to become the focus of all the farm’s agricultural operations.

Vittorio Cantini’s premature death in 1971 was a tragic loss for the family.

Don Remo Rossi
Lida’s brother, Remo, who began his road to priesthood, played an important role in the maintenance of the farm and without whom it might not have reached the success it has today. His devotion to the family and his precious was an important contrbution during his life and a real “vademecum”.

Under Linda’s skillful leadership and the indispensable presence of Remo, the farm grew. The roles in the farm separated: the brother and sister were given the task of running the technical side of the activity, while Roberto, Linda and Vittorio’s son, took over the administration of the economical side.

Mario Rossi
The structure, where today one can find the agritourism, was bought in the ‘80s, during the viticultural boom of Brunello wine.

The Rossi Cantini family understood then that the future of Montalcino would be intertwined with this precious new product. Roberto, as part of a new generation, was progressively able to increase the farm’s quality by working it with more modern farming and business techniques.

After Remo’s sad death, Vittorio’s resourcefulness introduced new production technologies which were able to maintain the authenticity and quality of the farm’s products.

Lida e Vittorio Cantini
The family-run business not only expanded on an agricultural level, but also restructured one of the most beautiful villas of the Montalcino area which transformed into the agritourism “La Crocina”.

At this point the farm holdings not only comprised the farmhouse “Piombaia” and the agritourism “La Crocina”, but also by the “Aiole”, an old family property.

Today the farm is in the hands of Roberto and his children: Vittorio, Francesco, and Cecilia, who show their passion for the property and their desire to maintain the Piombaia name.

La famiglia Cantini
Francesco, who took over the wine production aspect of the farm, managed to convert all their properties to biodynamical production techniques by 2010. These methods have been shown to increase the quality farmland as well as the products which they produce. These effects have been increasingly visible in the years following the conversion.